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Blue Moon Farm is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Hampshire County in West Virginia. 


We fell in love with alpacas the first time we saw them in 2009.  Since August 2012 our Farm has been home to an alpaca breeding and boarding facility. From day one we have strived to grow our herd and keep our animals healthy, happy and humming.  We believe in gentle farming techniques.  Our animals are gentle and loving.


Alpacas are known for their cashmere-like softness and are a fuzzy “cousin” to llamas and camels and a native species to South American countries like Peru and Chile.  Built for mountain climbing, the soft-footed creatures thrive in the Appalachians and have a dedicated herd mentality.  However, each animal’s expressive personality and friendly nature make it a perfect animal for a small farm. 


Alpaca fiber is an affordable luxury utilized in everything from the most practical, moisture-wicking socks to contemporarily constructed sweaters, hats, and gloves. Available in every color of the rainbow, many knitters and enthusiasts prefer the animals’ natural colors—rich blacks, creamy caramels, wintry whites, and heather grays. Don’t turn up your nose at your neighbor’s gift of socks or the sweater grandma knits you this season—buying or receiving a hand-knitted scarf or pair of gloves supports local businesses around the state.


Alpacas are easy to care for and require little food and space, and ownership is a commitment that reaps many rewards. Each alpaca has its own personality, much like domesticated household pets, and the animals’ monetary worth differs depending on the amount of favorable genetic qualities.


Since the first and only importation of alpacas from South America in the 1980s, American breeders have been involved with organized marketing initiatives that concentrate on fiber. Every single animal is registered, DNA mapped, and implanted with a microchip in a highly regulated livestock trade.  Unique to other livestock farms -- in the Alpaca community you can pick up the phone any time, day or night, and whether they’re your client or you’ve never even met them before, they’ll be right there to help you through your crisis.”


We are located ½ way between Capon Bridge and Augusta, West Virginia just west of the historic town of Winchester, VA and it's world renowned medical facilities.


We welcome anyone to come and see our wonderful animals.  We have had many visitors.  The alpacas are naturally inquisitive and love children.  Call us at 304-856-3708 to discuss a time for your visit.


Andrea and Dean Mills

Blue Moon Farm Alpacas

1251 Red Fern Lane

Augusta, WV 26704(304) 856-3708

Wednesday, January 13, 2016